Private boat


We will visit 5 magnificent locations throughout the day. 


Butterfly Valley

We take a break at this natural spot for about an hour. During this break, if you wish you can continue the wonderful trekking area by paying the entry fee to the local owner.

Aquarium Bay

The bay is named due to its enormous amount of fish species that lives underneath. It is a preferred bay for those who like to dive. Don’t be surprised to see a thousand shades of blue. 

Lunch is also provided during the tour. Lunch consists of a rich open buffet so that our guests can easily taste the flavors they want. 

Cold Water Bay

The temperature of the water in this bay is much lower than the temperatures of the waters you drink or swim in before. According to some folk tales, the coldness that envelops your body the moment you enter extends your life during your stay. Who knows, maybe you can become immortal based on the coldness of the water.

st. Nicolas Island

The region, named after the church at the top of the island, is among the places that must be seen by those who are interested in history. Although it is difficult to reach St. Nicolas Island by road, it is more comfortable by sea. On the route consisting of 5 stops, approximately one hour is spent at each stop. Discover the Bays of Ölüdeniz with Ölüdeniz Boat Tour.

Camel Beach

As you can guess by the name of it the area is named due to the stones that look like a camel figure. This stop is very popular among our Fethiye boat tours because of the very pure sand and the colorful stones around.


What is included

  • Insurance
  • 7/24 Customer Support
  • Lunch
  • Transfer
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This Private Experience Will Help You Explore And Relax With Your Family And Loved Ones.

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