12 Island Cruise


This tour is most loved and popular among various Fethiye boat cruises. It gives you the opportunity to make your holidays uncommon. We are sure you will be satisfied with our high-class services on the day decorated with the permanent moments. The deluxe spaces of our cars and boats are ready for your relaxation. During the tour, you can spend a great day with our friendly staff while visiting a number of points. We recommend you carrying cash with you for your personal expenditures or for any of your needs.

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The followings are the points we visit during the tour:

Gösün Cove

Please be ready to take glimpse into the old history of the island, the center of antique gravesite and theaters.

Şövalye Island

In the Island where the crusader of Rhodes used to fight bravely, a modern social facility offers you a variety of opportunities to spend your special day.

Taşaka Island

This bay area, where the forest meets the sea, has some local restaurants where you can enjoy very tasty meals and sweets. Also, better to note that the prices they offer are quite reasonable there.

Kızıl Island

We spare some time for swimming in this island. Besides, you have a chance to see the only lighthouse of the island built long time ago.

Yassıca Island

You have another chance of swimming in this island, which consists of 4 small islands, so that you can enjoy swimming freely between the islands.